• 5 Interesting Facts about Salt Lake City, UT

  • Situated in close proximity to the Great Salt Lake, is Utah’s state capital and administrative division, Salt Lake City. Here are some interesting facts about Salt Lake City you probably didn’t know yet.

    1. Pete Harman

    Born in Granger, Utah, a residential area of Salt Lake City, Mr. Harman was the restaurateur who opened the first Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) franchise, in collaboration with the Founder, Colonel Sanders. Serving crispy fried chicken, Mr. Harman invented the well-known paper bucket. The original restaurant was replaced and renovated, and beside it stand the statues of Mr. Colonel Sanders and Mr. Pete Harman. Inside, there’s a display of KFC artifacts like Mr. Colonel Sanders’s white suit.

    1. Liquor Laws

    Since 2009, going into bars became easier. Their old private club system had been eliminated. This old system required a customer to purchase a membership first before he or she is allowed to enter into and drink inside a bar. Now, getting drinks in Salt Lake City is just like in other cities and states. In line with this, age verification is still considered (presenting IDs if needed). On the other hand, there is one law that is considered strictly established – the intent to dine law. The restaurants may not and cannot serve alcohol beverages to customers who don’t intend to order food. This is to mark the difference between restaurants and bars.

    1. Shipped Whales

    In 1875, with intentions to boost tourism, John Wickham decided to populate Great Salt Lake with whales. With great effort, he had two 35-foot Australian whales shipped to San Francisco and railed to Salt Lake City. When they were released, the whales were nowhere to be found. Although, there were rumored whale sightings, scientists believed that these mammals were not able to survive considering the salinity of the lake.

    1. Largest Genealogy Organization in the World

    “It’s all about family.” In case you might want to connect and look for your ancestors, the FamilySearch Center is a Genealogical Society in Salt Lake City, Utah and the largest of its kind in the world. Dedicated to preserve records and help people connect, they continue to provide opportunities for families around the world to reunite. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is considered as their primary benefactor, as they want to help their members research their family histories. Over 1,500 people visit every day to take the chance of discovering and learning about their family histories.


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