• 5 Must-Try Adventures When In Salt Lake City, UT

  • When in Salt Lake City, you have to experience the rustic adventures the place has to offer. The greatest escapades you can experience in Salt Lake City are the ones outside the city life, from the depths of the Great Salt Lake itself to the peak of Mount Olympus. If you’re looking to take a break from concrete jungles and bustling streets, then Salt Lake is definitely the place to be.

    Salt Lake City, although considered as an urban community with a pretty stunning nightlife, is famous for its natural environment where you can go hiking, biking, and swimming. Here are the top 5 most exciting adventures you can and must try when in Salt Lake City.

    #5  See the Great Salt Lake

    How could you not when the name of the city itself is derived from this popular lake? The Great Salt Lake may seem overrated to most, but it is a wonder to behold and is definitely a must-see when in Salt Lake City.

    If you aren’t a big fan of diving into a salty lake, then a picnic by the shore should be a great alternative. Just don’t wonder if the food gets saltier after air exposure.

    #4  Visit the local library

    You must be imagining a cute little library that resembles any other local library in other states. If you really are then, you are wrong.

    Rummaging through the books of Salt Lake City’s downtown library is in itself an adventure. Any scholar will most likely be in awe of the structure and size of the building’s exterior, but the best part of it is what lies beyond the entrance. There are wide and modern reading spaces, a breathtaking rooftop garden, and even cafes. Located at the library square is a contemporary museum, the Leonardo Museum, with exhibits in motion from time to time

    #3 Trek the Donut Falls with your snowshoes

    If you haven’t heard of snowshoeing before and want to experience it, hire an experienced and skilled professional to assist you. This hidden gem in the city, the “Donut Falls,” can freeze and form into a cave during the winter.

    #2 Take a walk through Ensign Peak

    This attraction is often ignored by many, especially the locals. The hike can be found close to Capitol Hill. The view during daytime is absolutely beautiful, but at night, when the town comes alive and the fireworks are out, it’ll be a magical sight to behold.

    #1 Climb Mount Olympus

    You should include this in your list of things to do before you die. Now this may test one’s endurance and patience because the climb will take roughly six hours, but once you get to the top of the mountain and witness the breathtaking view from there, all the effort it took will be worth it.

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