• A Plan for Effective Carpet Maintenance

  • cleaningCarpets are a beautiful way to spruce up your home. They are a comfortable form of flooring to use and are particularly helpful in keeping the house insulated during the winter months. Carpets, unfortunately, are also pretty high maintenance, and anyone who chooses to use carpeting, before purchasing a carpet and having them installed at their home, needs to be aware of the particular cleaning needs of their choice of flooring before they make this investment. The same considerations also factor in for a business choosing to have carpets installed at their offices or place of business. Along with the cost of the carpet and its installation, one also needs to factor in the costs and potential downtime needed for the regular cleaning and maintenance of their carpets.

    Anybody who invests carpet floorings would, therefore, want to prolong the life and usage of their carpeting as much as possible, to get their money’s worth. This can only be done if the carpet is kept clean and well-maintained, which is only possible if one has a workable plan for effective carpet maintenance.

    Having a plan for effective carpet maintenance is also helpful because it avoids the inconvenience of unplanned major carpet cleaning. Also, a carpet also lasts longer because it is spared from excessive wear and tear that results from too much dirt and dust build up.

    So what does an effective carpet maintenance plan look like?

    • Daily vacuuming

    The daily vacuuming of your carpet would be equivalent to sweeping your floors, which is also ideally done on a regular basis. With regular vacuuming, you prevent dirt, dust, and other pollutants from building up within the fibers of your carpet to the point that they become more difficult to remove. Regular vacuuming also helps to keep the carpet fibers in good shape because dirt and dust buildup would not end up cutting the carpet fibers or making them harden into hard little clumps. Also, if your home or place of business is regularly subjected to daily foot traffic, of people coming from outdoors in all sorts of weather, whether it is raining, snowing, or if the sun is shining outside, people will track all sorts of contaminants indoors. You might also find yourself contending with fallen hair fibers, various messes and spills, and even pet dander and fur if you have a pet at home.

    The bottom line is, carpets suffer from daily wear and tear and dirt and dust buildup. If you want to stay on top of an effective carpet cleaning maintenance plan, daily vacuuming would be a good place to start.

    • Immediate spot treatment for stains and spills

    We might wish that our carpets are kept eternally pristine. Unfortunately, because they serve as the flooring of our living spaces, and part of our lives include the occasional messes of spilled coffee and other beverages, spilled food, vomit from babies, pet pee, or tracked in mud. If you don’t want these substances from potentially setting into the fibers of your carpet, you would need to act quickly.

    If you deal with spills and stains immediately, chances are that your cleaning efforts will be far more successful than if you wait until the spot has dried and the stain has set. Just remember never to rub or scrub against a stain. Always dab or blot to lift the liquid or stain away from the carpet. Never rub it in, or you might end up driving it deeper into the carpet fibers.

    • Regular professional carpet cleaning

    So, you have been doing your best to deal with the stains and spills, and you have also been regularly vacuuming your carpet. Do you really need to spend more to give your carpet a more thorough cleaning by expert carpet cleaners?

    The answer is yes. Vacuuming often only cleans the surface area of carpets and never digs deeper into the denser portions of the fiber. A professional carpet cleaner will, however, be able to do this, and be able to lift up some of the more deeper dirt and dust.

    The good news is that if you keep your carpets well-maintained with regular cleaning, you only need to call in the professionals once in a while, or an average of once or twice a year, depending on your particular needs.

    Article source: www.carpetcleaningsaltlakecity.net