• A Strategy for Carpet Vacuuming

  • vacuum cleanerIn between the times when you call in the professionals to give your carpets a deep and thorough clean, you should also be doing your part to clean and maintain your carpet. This may include spot cleaning for stains, as well as regular vacuuming.

    Regular vacuuming can prevent the buildup of dirt, and it can also prolong the life of your carpet. But when you consider that your purpose in vacuuming is to keep your carpets clean, you may want to think about the best way to vacuum in line with this goal. Too many of us simply plug in the vacuum when we remember that we haven’t vacuumed in too long, or when the dirt build-up on more trafficked areas of the carpet is beginning to look a bit unwholesome. And sometimes, even when we do remember, we put it off thinking, “The professionals will handle it when I call them next month anyway.”

    And then there are a few others who may often vacuum, sometimes too often, but not as thoroughly. Neither any one of these strategies is a smart way to keep your house clean or to take care of your carpet. That is why most carpet cleaners recommend having a carpet cleaning strategy that works.

    How Often

    The first question that often gets asked is, “How often do I need to vacuum my carpets? Obviously the more traffic on your carpet, the more it needs to be cleaned. A single-family dwelling living in a carpeted apartment has less need to vacuum compared to a big family with pets and kids. It depends on your particular needs. Around the average, though, a round of regular vacuuming once a week may be a good average, if you couple it with a more thorough vacuuming every so often, which, depending on your needs, could be anywhere from once a month to once a year.

    How Thorough?

    On days of regular vacuuming, you may want to direct your focus to the higher traffic areas, such as around entryways and passageways. Getting that dirt as soon as they come in also prevents it from spreading elsewhere on your carpet, and elsewhere in your home, so you may consider using entryway mats. For the rest of the house, simply giving a pass over the most visible dirty areas might be sufficient.

    For more extensive cleaning, the goal is to be as thorough as possible. That means vacuuming even under heavy furniture, in the corners, and the gaps in between, in addition to a focus on the regular entryways and high-traffic areas.

    Making the Job Doable

    This may sound like a good plan to you, with one problem: you have extensive carpeting, and doing a thorough cleaning may take up too much time and effort which you cannot afford to spare.

    The tip is to stick to your regular vacuuming schedule. Regular vacuuming of about once a week keeps the dirt buildup to a minimum, which means that you will (hopefully) not have too much to do during the more thorough cleaning. Try not to skip a week or more of regular vacuuming, because you will ultimately be making up for it when it comes time to give your carpet a more thorough clean.

    Also, you might want to consider breaking up the task of thorough cleaning into sections, focusing on one small section at a time. In this way, the task right in front of you is doable, and you avoid the disheartening thought of all the other sections you will need to clean next. Taking it one section might be easier for you, mentally and physically, and doing things this way also means that you won’t be missing certain spots or sections and that you won’t have to clean the same area over and over again.

    Article source: www.carpetcleaningsaltlakecity.net