• How to Tell When It’s Time to Clean Your Carpet

  • dirty carpetUsing carpet on your floors is a delight – when it’s new. It’s soft, comfortable, it keeps a room insulated in winter, and the right choice of color can really bring a room together.

    But if you use carpeting, sooner or later, you’re going to have to clean it. Carpet flooring is wonderful, but it’s also extremely high maintenance.

    If you want your carpet to last for a great number of years, the trick is to stay on top of your carpet’s regular cleaning. How do you know if it’s time to clean your carpet? Below we have gathered a few signs that may apply to you, which means it may be time to have your carpets cleaned.

    • Your allergies are acting up

    You may be allergic to spores, dust, pet dander, dirt, but you always thought that staying indoors most of the time kept you safe. These are outdoor substances, after all. But if despite staying indoors, you find yourself beginning to suffer from these kinds of allergies, it may be time to clean your carpets.

    Carpets can serve as a kind of filter for the rest of the house, where outdoor dirt, dust, and other pollutants get trapped, preventing them from circulating inside the house, thus in a way making the air quality inside our homes cleaner. But the exact opposite is true when your carpets haven’t been cleaned in over a while. If the buildup of dirt and dust and other pollutants in your carpets have gotten to the point where simply walking on the carpet kicks up a great bunch of these pollutants, and triggering your allergy, then it is high time for your carpets to be cleaned.

    • The carpet is starting to look dull

    One of the factors that decide us on which carpet to buy may be the color. It may be neutral, exotic-looking, or it may have vivid coloring that suits your temperament and style. It all looks good when you first buy it, and maybe even eye-catching. But after some time, you’ve gotten so used to it that you no longer notice the colors, until one day you pay attention and see how dull the carpet’s colors have become.

    One telling way to tell how dull a carpet has become is to lift furniture that has been sitting on a part of the carpet. Compare the carpet that has been underneath the furniture, to the part of the carpet that has undergone foot traffic and exposure to stains. Is there a very noticeable difference? If you can practically draw a line as an outline to where your furniture was sitting, it may be time for your carpets to be cleaned.

    • It’s starting to smell a little iffy

    Are you starting to notice a lingering, unsavory kind of smell emanating from your carpet? Carpet odors usually emanate from moisture getting trapped in the carpet, whether it is from a spilled beverage, pet accidents of pee, poo, or vomit, and sometimes even residue from a carpet cleaning solution. If these have not thoroughly dried even after you cleaned them, and you notice a lingering smell for days afterward that smells a little damp and unwholesome, it may be time to give your carpet a deeper cleaning than just regular vacuuming. In fact, it may even be time to call in the professionals.

    The danger with not acting quickly enough once your carpet is beginning to smell is that what you’re smelling might be mold or mildew that might have sunk deep into the carpet fibers, the carpet pad, or even the subfloor. It is a good idea to call in the professionals at this point because they will clean your carpet thoroughly and address other possible issues there may be. Otherwise, if you leave the problem too long and the problem is not fixed, the issue might worsen until you find yourself needing to replace your entire carpet.

    Article source: www.carpetcleaningsaltlakecity.net