• Pet Stain and Odor Removal in Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Our cleaning company in Salt Lake City UT can tackle even the hardest cleaning problems people encounter daily. We’ve gone through bacteria elimination, parasite termination, decontamination, and many more. We can handle any grime, mold, and stains. There’s no cleanliness issue we can’t help you overcome, and that includes pet odor problems.

    We know how much you love your pets. However, it’s understandable that you sometimes get annoyed of their distinct body odor and the smell of their body wastes. It is only a matter of time when other family members and guests complain about a certain stench invading their nostrils, making you feel embarrassed that you haven’t gotten the time to potty-train your pets or properly clean off their wastes.

    You need not stress yourself out anymore. All you have to do is give us a call. We’ll make sure to completely eliminate your pet odor troubles, so you and your family members can continue to enjoy a clean and nice-smelling home.

    Let’s talk about the cause of bad odors. Believe it or not, your pet’s wastes contain biological chemicals that may cause damage to your carpets, rugs, and furniture when not removed completely.

    • Urine – This body waste can emit a really strong smell; and since it’s in liquid form, they easily seep into fabric materials which makes their smell hard to remove.
    • Fecal matter – Your pets pooping on your carpets can cause you to get frustrated and annoyed, especially if the carpets are newly bought or newly cleaned. Fret no more. We can help you with this.
    • Vomit – Pet vomit puts every owner on red alert. Not only does it alarm you about your pet’s health, but the acids in vomit can damage your wood floor, carpets, rugs, and furniture.

    Three ways to help you prevent and address your pet odor problems:

    1. Take your pet to your trusted vet. – It’s best to consult your trusted veterinarian about ways on how to lessen or eliminate your pet’s unpleasant body odors. Asking professional help ensures the health and safety of your pets, rather than experimenting on your own.
    2. Take time to potty-train them. – Potty-training your pets can be a challenging feat but your effort is definitely going to be worth it. You may also hire a professional pet trainer if you just can’t find the time to do it on your own. With successful potty-training, you need not worry much about pet wastes being in places they shouldn’t be.
    3. Contact us. – Let’s schedule an appointment for consultation and inspection, so we’ll know the most suitable services to address your cleaning and odor problems at home.

    Our odor-removal process:

    Here, we’ve provided a description of the usual process we’ll be going through to be able to provide you with the best pet odor removal solutions. If you have any questions that can’t be answered by the items below, you may call us right away.

    • Free inspection and consultation – Our team uses an ultraviolet light to detect the stains your pet may have left in the past but have already been obscured.
    • Odor and moisture detection – This doesn’t require the use of much tools. It’s more of a walk-in inspection to assess how big the problem is.
    • Damage analysis – There are instances when pet body wastes go unnoticed because they are left in obscured places in your home. The longer they stay there, the more damage they can cause, not to mention the annoying stench they can produce.
    • Deep carpet cleaning and neutralization – We don’t only clean surfaces, we get in between layers and fibers to remove bacteria and germs. We also conduct a neutralization process to entirely remove the odor, instead of just covering it up temporarily.

    For all your cleaning needs, contact us now, so we can schedule you a free appointment.