• Steam Carpet Cleaning in Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Steam cleaning is a great alternative to the usual carpet dry cleaning method. The thing about this technique is that it doesn’t dry as swiftly as the dry cleaning method (If you think about it though, nothing really dries as quickly as the dry-cleaning method), but it’s equally as effective and as efficient. So, why not give steam cleaning a chance? After all, it provides a lot of advantages that other methods can’t.

    How deep steam carpet cleaning works?

    Deep steam cleaning is the use of heated water to soothe the fibers as well as enable a much deeper clean. This is no common wet cleaning method because a quicker drying time is expected in comparison to other methods. You might be wondering how. The answer is simple science. The hot water evaporates quicker because of its speedy molecules. The water that apparently gets the rug or carpet wet isn’t entirely drenching it due to the extreme heat.

    If you want to remove the dirt from the surface or top layers of your rugs and carpets, then make sure to vacuum them at least once every week. It’s an absolute necessity along with hiring a professional team of cleaners for a deep clean every year. Why? Because even though you are doing weekly vacuuming, you have to consider the dirt and dust in the deepest layers of your rugs and carpets. You will certainly be needing the expertise of professional Salt Lake City carpet steam cleaners to remove dirt and bacteria hiding far beneath.

    Deep steam cleaning versus carpet dry cleaning

    The dry cleaning method does not make use of chemical-ridden cleaning products like carpet detergents or shampoos, yet such technique nevertheless still involves using artificial chemicals in other forms. Whereas in deep steam cleaning, the use of chemicals in any way isn’t really necessary. Though it is shown that carpet dry cleaning works effectively, it does not remove some stubborn spots entirely. It may look that way, however there are instances when some cleaning companies tend to hide discolorations if they cannot remove spots by means of dry cleaning, using whitening chemicals to improve the way it looks. It’s a “fast solution” but it doesn’t solve the problem.

    Deep steam cleaning can remove hard spots easily. Its most important feature is its use of heated water. It’s important to get it just right in order to achieve the desired effects. You’ll want the fibers to open up so the dirt, dust, and germs will be terminated and removed. Deep steam cleaning ensures decontamination throughout all layers of your rugs and carpets.

    Pet-friendly and people-friendly

    If you have lots of pets at home and you have children and elderly people as members of your household, then it is recommended for you to choose deep steam cleaning for cleaning your carpets and rugs. With this method, you can choose not to use too much cleaning products. In fact, you can totally discard cleaning products in any way because they won’t be necessary anymore. Even with just hot water, you rugs and carpets will be thoroughly cleaned.

    To sum it all up, carpet deep cleaning via steam proves to be a safe and effective technique that will get your dear carpets all spruced up. It guarantees a deep, in-fiber clean. It is health-friendly and environment-friendly. It won’t pollute your indoor air, and it’s also safe for children, for the elderly, and for your beloved pets.

    Now, it’s time to fit deep steam cleaning into your schedule. It’s easy. All you need to do is pick up your phone and contact our highly competent Salt Lake City steam carpet cleaning experts. We’ll take care of everything for you.