• The Benefits of Using Entryway Mats

  • entrance matEver wondered how you can reduce the amount of dirt and pollutants that get tracked onto your carpet from outdoors, without having to lug out the vacuum cleaner all the time? The solution may be as simple as using an entryway mat.

    Did you think that entryway mats and carpet runners serve no useful purpose other than decorative? Well, you would be wrong. Entryway mats and runners are not only decorative, but they also reduce slips and falls. But most importantly, they help reduce the number of soils, dirt, and pollutants that make their way onto your carpet!

    So how do you choose the best entryway rug for your entrances? Aside from choosing one that fits your style regarding size, color, and even shape, you might also consider choosing one by cleaning a necessity. That is, avoid high-pile rugs and instead choose one that cleans easily.

    Entryway mats and runners are often placed in doorways high-traffic areas, and the reason should be obvious. The dirt, soils, and pollutants that get into your carpets are usually tracked in from outside, and get worked into the rest of your carpets by the foot traffic carrying these pollutants across your carpeted floor. The result? Carpets that get become stained and dirtier In a short period, higher cleaning and maintenance costs, and the suffering esthetics of the room.

    If you use entryway mats and runners, on the other hand, you stop most of the dirt at or near the doorway. Instead of getting onto the carpet and getting tracked across your carpeting, this dirt, dust, and other pollutants are left on the entryway mat or are isolated, for the most part, on the runners. The result? A carpet that is not so prone to getting so dirty. All you have to do is lift up the entryway mat and the runner and wash them – a far cry from the vacuuming and deep cleaning that goes into maintaining your expensive carpeting.

    Want some advice on choosing the best entryway mat for your needs? Keep in mind the following:

    • The larger the rug, the warmer and more welcoming the place becomes. The same is true for runners
    • A distinctive rug that provides a sharp contrast to the carpet and the flooring can become the focal and decorative point in an unfurnished entryway
    • If you have a small entryway, choosing a sizeable entryway mat that takes up the bulk of the space, preferably one with large geometric shapes, will give the impression of a larger room

    Article source: www.carpetcleaningsaltlakecity.net